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Date: 8/12/2006 12:32
Author: Jute
2d3 announced Boujou 4

boujouThe software producer for visual effects – the company 2d3 – announced boujou 4 release. This automated appendix for tracking which was already used in many films, advertizing and television rollers. Together with improvement of the interface and working process as a whole, in the new version the options are collected, urged to fight against difficult shots and to give to the user more control over the chamber.

Now 3D models can be imported to boujou that expands a circle of possibilities, from model alignment with object in a scene and tracking, to real use of object to look through a chamber arrangement. That is the model is used as an auxiliary element to create own positions of the chamber.

Among the most important novelties – possibility to create 3D меши, the built-in skripting for creation of own tools. Though cost of this useful software afflicts - $ 10 000. Details here>> 



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