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  Welcome to! The information portal devoted to computer graphics and design … On a site you can find lessons of photoshop, flash, pixelart etc. We try to keep the guests informed the latest news of our so quickly developing industry, computer graphics. News of a site tell about an exit and updating of programs of type a photoshop, a flash, 3D to max and similar … Articles of a site are carefully selected … we consider, it is better to have a small amount of qualitative lessons, than a huge collection in which it is difficult to find something useful. The portal constantly модерируется also develops, take part, we will try to consider all your wishes.  

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Strata 3D CX 5.0 for a modeling and animation Strata 3D CX 5.0 for a modeling and animation
8/12/2006 12:35
There was a new version of the program for a modeling and Strata 3D CX 5.0 animation. This program can become хо...>>>

2d3 announced Boujou 4 2d3 announced Boujou 4
8/12/2006 12:32
The software producer for visual effects – the company 2d3 – announced boujou 4 release. It автоматиз...>>>

V-Ray 1.5: new details V-Ray 1.5: new details
8/12/2006 12:25
Chaos Group declared an exit of the first Candidate of release of version 1.5 of a renderingovy cursor of V-Ray for Au...>>>

Apple announced new Mac OS X Leopard Apple announced new Mac OS X Leopard
8/12/2006 12:20
Recently there was the 3rd version of scripts of Action Pack for Photoshop. The product is developed by Ben Long, ...>>>

LightWave 3D for Intel Mac LightWave 3D for Intel Mac
8/12/2006 12:14
NewTek on LightWave 3D presentation last week declared addition of the new version пр...>>>

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